Dario Rainone

Dario in Amsterdam

Dario in Amsterdam

Dario studied abroad in Bochum, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently finishing his engineering degree at Drexel University and hopes to return to Scandinavia to pursue another degree.

Where do you go to school?

Drexel University

When and where did you study abroad?

Summer 2012: Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany
Fall 2012: KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

What was the BEST part about studying abroad?

I honestly cannot decide on the best one thing about studying abroad. Everything I did, even the unpleasant experiences I went through, were the best things about studying abroad. Studying abroad is valuable, exciting, rich, liberating, and enticing, to name a few of its qualities.

The possibility of starting your life from scratch for the entire period of your study abroad and becoming another You. That’s probably the best thing about studying abroad, if there ever was such a thing.

What did you learn about the rest of the world from studying abroad? What did you learn about yourself from the experience?

I learned that the person I was before studying abroad was not really Me. Yes, capital “M.” About the world itself, intended both as the physical territory on which we live and as the people who inhabit it, I realized that it is vast and rich beyond understanding. This new awareness only entices me to discover and experience as much of it as possible.

What was your BIGGEST challenge while studying abroad and how did you manage to handle it?

The biggest challenge while studying abroad was having to come back home in the end. I am afraid I still didn’t manage to handle it. If anyone has a clue, please do tell.

How did studying abroad change your life?

It completely changed my life by debunking most of the things I held true. It overthrew my previous plans for the future, and replaced them with a much better understanding of who I really am and of what I want in life.

What are your future plans?

At the moment, I am just finishing my engineering studies at Drexel University. My greatest ambition now is to move back to Scandinavia to pursue a degree in the humanities. I want to continue where I left off my life there.

What’s your BEST piece of advice for someone who is thinking about studying abroad?

Do not think about it. As cliché as it sounds, you have to just do it.  Do not ask yourself if you are ready or not, because you never will be until you actually do it.

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