Noah Peden

Noah says, “Traveling for me personally is the purest form of living, you grow as a person, you learn another language, and you become a part of a new culture, thereby opening up a whole new personality that you never knew you had.”

Noah studied abroad/volunteered in Brazil, Costa Rica, Philippines, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Thailand and Peru and now works as an Outreach Coordinator for

Where did you go to school?

Colorado State University

When and where did you study abroad?

Brazil/Rotary Youth Exchange/year, Costa Rica/Jacksonville University Alternative Spring Break, Philippines/Volunteer for the Visayans/summer (twice), CIS Multi-Country Summer/Scotland/Ireland/Spain, Summer/Barcelona SAE, Fall/CIS Thailand, Spring/ProPeru

What was the BEST part about studying abroad?

Immersing yourself in the culture, making new family and friends, and learning the language.

What did you learn about the rest of the world from studying abroad? What did you learn about yourself from the experience?

I learned that each experience adds a different aspect to who I am as a person and that each part of the world has it’s own unique part to share even if things seem similar.

What was your BIGGEST challenge when studying abroad?

I think my biggest challenge was being in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Peru where there was no way ever someone could look at me and say, oh he’s a local, just because of my blond hair. I could learn the language, get a Peruvian passport, speak with a Peruvian accent but that will never stop hecklers from thinking I’m a tourist.

How did studying abroad change your life? How did it help you personally and professionally?

Studying abroad definitely changed my life, I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese and now work for GoAbroad which is the best way for students to find the right program.  I just finished traveling around the U.S. on the GoAbroad Roadshow promoting study/volunteer/intern abroad. Definitely changed my life.

What have you been doing post studying abroad?

Well I just got back in August from Peru, and since then I’ve been one of the Outreach Coordinators for GoAbroad. So for the past three months I’ve been on the GoAbroad RV helping drive, having meetings with study abroad and career advisers at universities, and tabling all the way from Alaska to Maine to Florida to Oklahoma.

What’s your BEST piece of advice for a student who is thinking about studying abroad?

Go off the beaten track. My best experiences have been in Thailand, Barcelona, and Brazil. You get to know the people better when you’re not in a tourist hotspot.

Colin Hogan

Colin completed a master's program in Dublin, Ireland and is now the Director of Students Services for CEA Global Campus Dublin.

Zachary Macinnes

Zachary studied abroad in Mexico, Peru and Spain. He is now the Director of Communications & Associate Director of University Relations at International Studies Abroad (ISA).

Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie studied abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland and Rome, Italy. She now works as the Opportunities Abroad Program Manager at BridgeAbroad in Denver, Colorado.

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