Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study abroad?

Why should I submit my spotlight story?

Alumni: Because it is the responsible thing to do after you have studied abroad and you should want to pay it forward! Sharing your story with the world will help inspire others to study abroad!  Then you can include a link to your spotlight on your resume to showcase your study abroad experience to future employers. Check out Sparky’s resume to see an example!

Alumni submit your spotlight here.

Parents: Because you recognize studying abroad was an invaluable experience for your son or daughter.  Sharing your story will help reassure other parents who may be anxious about sending their son or daughter abroad or convince those parents… GASP!…who might think that studying abroad isn’t worth it.  Share to show you care!

Parents submit your spotlight here.

Education Abroad Professionals:  Because you love what you do, you love working in this field and it’s an awesome way to share your own experience and read about other people’s experiences too!  It’s also a great resource for getting students interested in study abroad and for alumni to showcase their experience so be sure to spread the word!

Education Abroad Professionals submit your spotlight here.

Why should I add a link to my spotlight on my resume? Will employers really look at it?

Did you know that according to Open Doors data only about 1.4% of students in the U.S. higher education system studied abroad during the 2011/2012 academic year?  This means your resume will already stand out because you studied abroad, but if you add a link to your spotlight it’s like icing on the cake!  It’s hard to make your study abroad experience really come alive on your resume.  Add a link on there to your spotlight it’s much more engaging!  Highlighting your international experience in this way will be not only be more meaningful, but also will give you the opportunity to showcase more of your personality and what you learned from studying abroad to your potential employer.

No matter which field you apply to work in these days, it is competitive.  If a prospective employer takes the time to look at your resume, it’s very likely that they will check out the link!  If you are lucky enough to land a job interview, chances are the hiring managers have already searched your name on the internet.  If you include a link to your spotlight, they can easily check it out and it will be a great conversation starter!

Check out Sparky’s resume as an example!

How do I contact Study Abroad Spotlight?

Check out the About Us section, we love hearing from you! Email is our favorite method of communication, but you can find us on social media too!  Facebook | Twitter | PinterestInstagram | LinkedIn

What kind of picture should I send Sparky?

Send Sparky an email at sparky [at] with one of your favorite photos of you taken while abroad.  Please only send a photo your mama would be proud of.  If you are a parent, you can send a picture of your son or daughter abroad or your favorite photo of the two of you.  JPEG format and be sure to caption the photo!

Who can view my spotlight?

Anyone with internet access!  So please be mindful of what you write.  It’s important to be candid and provide as much detail as possible, but try to keep it professional.

Will my spotlight be posted if I don’t submit my picture?

Nope, sorry.  Sparky needs a photo of your smiling face in order to create your spotlight.

I’m not from the United States, can I still submit my spotlight?

Absolutely!  If you studied outside of your home country, we want to hear from you!  Please be sure to note your home country in your submission.

I love Sparky. Does he have a girlfriend?

He’s shining solo at the moment, but if you know of any cute, “bright”, single, gal spotlights let him know!  Extra points if she can speak French! (Sparky’s Mom is from France, but I bet you already knew that)

Can I edit or remove my spotlight?

Sure, just email Sparky at sparky [at] with your specific edits, give him a little bit of time and he’ll update it for you.  If you want to remove your spotlight from the website, just email him nicely to ask him to remove it (he’ll probably be really sad though!).

Are you hiring?

Check out our Careers section.  We’re always looking for spectacular, interesting, creative, optimistic, organized people with great ideas!



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