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Caroline West

Caroline studied abroad in Rome, Italy at Richmond University. She recently graduated from the University of South Carolina, and is currently employed as a nurse in an intensive ca[...]

Study Abroad Safety Tips

If you're studying abroad and traveling, keep these safety tips in mind! Study Abroad Spotlight intern Katie writes about being the victim of petty crime while studying abroad.

Top 10: Rome, Italy

In the 3rd installment of our Top 10 series we're returning to Italy for the top 10 things to do and see in Rome (plus a few extra honorable mentions)!

Viva Il Papa Francesco!

Guest blogger Nicole Dillon writes about witnessing the election of Pope Francis last week while studying abroad in Rome and what this momentous event means to her.

My Host Family Experience

Katie Buonpastore studied abroad in Rome, Italy. Read on to see how living with a host family made Katie's time abroad "the life changing four months that it was."

Where the Buffalo Roam

Have you ever been to a Buffalo Mozzarella farm? No? Sparky hasn't either, but luckily our guest blogger Nicole Dillon has and you can read all about her trip here!

Julie Pereira

Julie studied abroad in Rome, Italy. She has since graduated and is now working as a marketing coordinator for an online advertising start-up.

Andy Steves

Andy grew up traveling with his dad and writer, Rick Steves. He studied abroad in Rome, Italy while at the University of Notre Dame and then founded the travel company Weekend Stu[...]

Diane Ferrer

Diane studied abroad in Rome, Italy. She is currently finishing her last semester as an undergrad at Quinnipiac University and will study abroad again this summer in Budapest, Hun[...]

Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie studied abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland and Rome, Italy. She now works as the Opportunities Abroad Program Manager at BridgeAbroad in Denver, Colorado.

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